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Thank you for becoming an affilate!

This page contains important information about how to customize your affiliate link, as well as frequently asked questions.

First, know that Online Educational Services works with a number of clients for their eCommerce needs. You may not recognize our name, but know that our aim is to provide outstanding service and work to serve your needs as quickly as possible.

You will be receiving an email confirmation very shortly with your unique affiliate number. If you do not receive this email, or if you have any questions, call our sevice center at 408/998-7977, or email us.

Some affiliates want to promote specific products in their ezines or on their Web pages. Here’s the secret to creating a link that has your affiliate tracking info as well as the specific URL to send folks to.

Here’s an example of a link from one of our clients’ sites:

Here’s how it works. The


part tells the shopping cart that your unique affiliate information and the


part points to a specific page on one of our sites. This code sends your contacts directly to this page.

If you want to promote a specific product or group of products, just find it on the web site and substitute the relevant URL after the “&u=”. Of course, be sure to put your affiliate number where “135244” is listed in the sample above. Your number was sent to you immediately upon your registering as an affiliate.

You can change the URL after the “=” to any page you want them to land on. Once your viewers click a URL with your affiliate number, a cookie will be placed on their computer to track your sales.

The shopping cart will track your sales and you can log in anytime to see how many people have purchased from you and how much commission you have learned. You received the log-in info when you first registered as an affiliate. If you forgot your affilate number or log in info you will always be able to check the status of your account with us. To do this, just go to:

We pay our affiliates at the end of each quarter. We prefer to pay by PayPal so you get the money immediately! So if you haven’t set your payout to PayPal, please do so the next time you check your commissions.

Thank you again!

Please let me know if we can be of service to you or your organization.

The OES Team

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